Wood Floor Cleaning Folsom

Professional hardwood floor cleaning and re-finishing

At Pro Team we will clean and refinish your hardwood floors, keeping it looking new and bringing natural elegance to your home for many years to come.

Call  Pro Team Wood Floor Cleaning to clean or re-surface your hardwood floors. By cleaning and re-coating your hardwood floors every 3-5 years it will not only look beautiful, but you can save money by not having to do costly re-sanding or repairs.

Wood  Floor  Cleaning Folsom

Agressively cleans: Dirt, grease, dust, Built-up residue, contaminants.

This can be done alone or as routine maintenance.

• Scrub with our powerful floor prep cleaning machine and
I.F.T., the intensive cleaner
• Repeat scrub with cleaning machine and
Squeaky commercial floor cleaner

Clean and Refinish

Aggressively cleans & Refinishes the floor to a Uniform sheen of gloss or satin.
A combination of the Intensive Cleaning step and a quick
and easily applied Hardwood Floor Refinisher. This system
removes dirt from the floor and restores a uniform sheen.

• Scrub with floor prep cleaning machine and
I.F.T., the intensive cleaner
• Scrub with commercial floor cleaner
• Apply Hardwood Floor Refinisher of your choice.
Choose from a satin or gloss finish.

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