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Remember when your tile was initially installed? It was stunning, no stains or dirt in the grout. With time that gradually changed, the tile still appears okay, however the grout makes it seem old and grimy. At Pro Team we are specialists in making your tile and grout appear like new once again. High-pressure water penetrates deep into the pores of your grout sterilizing, loosening and eliminating the dirt making your tile and grout appearing like it was just installed. After a thorough cleaning we suggest sealing your grout with a strong penetrating sealer that safeguards the grout, allows for for simple damp mop cleaning and gets rid of the embedding of micro organisms and bacteria

State of the art equipment:

Pro Team utilizes only the latest “state of the art equipment” assuring the most effective job available anywhere. Our equipment focuses the extraction pressure with great force eliminating even the most unfortunate stains from significantly soiled grout lines. 

At Pro Team we combine this technologically advanced equipment with good old fashion hark work. Every job starts with an assessment to evaluate what the ideal cleaning solvents and solution are for your flooring and grout. We then apply the proper cleaning solvents to the areas and allow it saturate the grout, thus loosening and dissolving the embedded substances. Next, we scrub the grout lines with brushes specifically created for max agitation, furthermore loosening and eliminating undesired dirt. Special cornering brushes might be employed when needed for difficult to reach locations .

As soon as your flooring has been extensively scrubbed, we implement our high pressure cleaning tools that virtually suck up all the dirt and grime, stains and cleansing solution from the grout lines. Your job is then completed with us drying the flooring, leaving you behind with a shining floor that appears as though it had been just installed.

Residential and Commercial Tile & Grout Cleaning

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